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Corporate Self Defence Classes Sydney

Next Level is the name to trust for proven and professional corporate self-defence classes in Sydney and right around Australia.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the martial arts industry, and are passionate about helping our clients to better handle themselves in dangerous situations. While these sessions help to teach and develop important skills, they also serve as an engaging and highly interactive team building activity that can help to improve trust, respect, and communication among employees.

Our unique ‘Surprise and Run’ self-defence program has been delivered by our qualified team to businesses from a wide range of industries.

Leading Self Defence Classes Across Sydney

Here at Next Level we know that all businesses and workplaces are different. That is why we pay careful attention when it comes to designing a self-defence program for our clients, ensuring they are left with a session that is structured to their specific goals or needs.

In addition to this more tailored approach, the Next Level team provides a half day program that covers the basic areas of self-defence education for a corporate setting. All sessions work to build the self-confidence of the participants and encourage them to develop a more conscious and proactive attitude towards their personal safety.

To learn more about our self-defence classes, Sydney clients simply have to contact the Next Level team today.

Comprehensive Corporate Self Defence Workshops

The skills and knowledge that is gained through a Next Level self-defence session go much further than helping participants to have a more acute awareness in confronting circumstances. These skills can also translate over to their everyday work, sharpening their instincts and helping them to feel comfortable being on the front foot when it comes to decision making.

For more information on the lasting benefits of our corporate self-defence workshops, don’t hesitate to call our team on 0414 666 247 .

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