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Self Defence Classes for Schools

With more than 30 years of leading experience in the martial arts industry, Next Level is the name to trust for comprehensive and proven self-defence classes for schools.

All of our in-demand programs are fun, educational and beneficial, and can help students gain and develop skills and attitudes that they will carry with them well into adult life.

For more information on the noticeable advantages of professional self-defence classes for schools, clients can contact the Next Level team today.

Self Defence Programs Designed for Schools

Schools can be a tough environment for many children. Issues such as bullying can have both immediate and lasting impacts on a child, greatly hampering their personal growth, reducing their self-confidence or removing any sense of it completely, and causing them to feel isolated and alone.

At Next Level we provide self-defence classes and programs for all schools. These programs are not designed to teach children to use violence to solve any problems that arise, but rather they are a way to help build that self-confidence and sense of self-worth that may have been diminished. In particular, our ‘Surprise and Run’ program introduces students to the concept of stranger danger and equips them with life-skills to remain safe from harm.

Contact our dedicated team today to find out more regarding our available classes, including our ‘Surprise and Run’ program.

Fun and Engaging Self Defence Workshops

In addition to self-defence workshops targeted at schools, the Next Level team also provides trusted corporate induction training in self-defence, and comprehensive team building programs for businesses of all sizes, and across all industries.

For all further enquiries, or to speak with a member of the Next Level team about our in-demand self-defence workshops for schools and corporate settings, simply call 0414 666 247 today.

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